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Our saunas in Griskabudis invite you all to enjoy a good steam. Smoke sauna is a rare find in Zanavykai area, as well as in all Lithuania. Some people avoid it fearing they might be covered in soot afterwards, others think it is full of smoke. We noticed that none of these concerns are related with smoke sauna and experiences that charm those who visit. We kindly invite you to see for yourselves.
Our other sauna is a bit smaller and has periodic heating. Brick to brick, one mistake after another, we learned and successfully created a cozy space with unique microclimate, which may now be called our Family sauna.

I could spend my whole day here. The smell reminds me of my grandmother‘s home in the countryside. It feels like I am surrounded by a velvet steam. It must be how newborns feel like.

Vytautas – sauna‘s guest

Both saunas in Griskabudis, which you are welcomed to enjoy, are well adapted to be used for whisking, various body peeling procedures and all rituals that will help you feel and see what lithuanian hospitality is all about.

I often get asked if there are any restrictions as to who can go and enjoy sauna. There is an old saying „if you can reach sauna, you can go in it“.

Arūnas Šalnaitis – Sauna’s owner

Our smoke sauna allows even up to 10 people at the same time, while 3 people can be whisked at once. There is enough steam to whisk all 10 visitors. Family sauna is perfect for 2-4 steam lovers.
Periodic heating also helps to create a special microclimate, as well as steam intensity that is wanted. You are welcome to enjoy both club and private heating sessions.


Guests have already enjoyed the good steam in our saunas.
It’s the number of times we have already heated our smoke sauna.
So many bathing birch-rods we prepare each year.

„If you want to start getting to know a smoke sauna, you have to heat it at least a hundred times.“

– Finish wisdom

Sauna master

Time passed and sauna master‘s role has changed significantly. Today one may find different definitions to the word, but one thing is clear – a sauna is nothing without it‘s master. Let it be!


Sauna is about giving, not only taking. You have to ask, request, relax and enjoy the moment. It is a process, and we will gladly take care of making sure it would become an unforgettable experience.


Everytime someone comes to a very good sauna, many new things, dear to body and soul, are discovered. We especially care about our customer‘s well-being. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Garo brolija

Bandomasis įrašas

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