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Family Sauna

Our joyous acquaintance with sauna culture has started in 2009. Family sauna was created in an old unused building of ours. During all this time, not only the space evolved, but also the most important part of any sauna – the heater. From metal „burzuike“ to brick periodic heating system, built based on knowledge of qualified craftsmen, sauna professionals and our own.
Brick heater is valued for many different aspects, and we can honestly assure you that there is a reason why the heater is called the heart of a sauna.

You are the great sauna shamans. After coming here, I realised that I had never been to a real sauna before.

Virgis – sauna‘s guest

Microclimate which we achieved here does not only rely on the heater, but on ventilation, carefully cut-out details as well. All this lets our guests to enjoy a great steam.

Two types of saunas are said to exist, either good or very good. I can confirm that. How about ours? Come and see for yourselves.

Arūnas Šalnaitis – sauna owner

We call this sauna Family sauna because of its coziness. That is where our family‘s friendship with a good sauna began. We are so lucky to be able to share all this with our guests, who value a good steam, real pleasure and procedures that make one feel good. Come and visit.


Guests have already enjoyed the good steam in our saunas.
It’s the number of times we have already heated our smoke sauna.
So many bathing birch-rods we prepare each year.

„Sauna makes people feel safe like they were in a mother‘s womb“

– Lithuanian sauna researcher Stasys Daunys

Sauna master

Time passed and sauna master‘s role has changed significantly. Today one may find different definitions to the word, but one thing is clear – a sauna is nothing without it‘s master. Let it be!


Sauna is about giving, not only taking. You have to ask, request, relax and enjoy the moment. It is a process, and we will gladly take care of making sure it would become an unforgettable experience.


Everytime someone comes to a very good sauna, many new things, dear to body and soul, are discovered. We especially care about our customer‘s well-being. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Garo brolija

Bandomasis įrašas

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Family Sauna